Colortec E-6 3-Bad für 2,5 L

Colortec E-6 3-Bad für 2,5 L

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Enhances the development of all colour reversal films in 3-Bath processes with First Developer, Colour Developer and Bleach Fix plus the final Stabilizer solution. The Reversal Bath that is used in the E-6 standard process is already integrated into the Colour Developer of the 3-bath kit. A further simplification regarding the 3 bath version is that bleaching and fixing, that has to be processed separately in the standard process, are performed in a combined bleach fix. Also the Conditioner step is integrated into the Bleach Fix. Optimized for processing at 38°C in tanks and rotary processors. Capacity: Kit for 2,5 l: 30 films 135-36.

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