Fujichrome Professional Velvia 100 135-36

Fujichrome Professional Velvia 100 135-36

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The Velvia 100 uses new technologies that allow a finer grain and a doubling of the sensitivity. The color saturation and color rendering of the Velvia 50, which have made it a reference film for landscape and nature photographers, are retained. The Fujichrome Velvia 50 has been produced unchanged since 1990 and has been popular with professionals and ambitious amateurs alike ever since. Since then, photographers have been asking for a more sensitive Velvia film. Advances in emulsion technology have now made it possible to produce a slide film with the color characteristics of Velvia 50, which is twice as sensitive with finer grain. The new generation of the Velvia 100 is therefore not only intended to appeal to photographers who expect the special color saturation typical of Velvia, but at the same time to offer them a product that is state of the art.

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