Tetenal Magic-Box E6

Tetenal Magic-Box E6

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With the Tetenal Magic-Box E-6 color slide films can be developed quickly and safely at home, based on the process E-6. The box contains all concentrates necessary for mixing the developing baths. The ideal kit for the first own film processing of 1 roll of 135-36 film or 1 roll film 120.

Additionally you need

1 absolutely dark room to insert the film (or a change bag)
1 developing box (e.g. JOBO 1510/1520, Paterson, A&P.) with a film spiral
1 Thermometer
1 Smartphone (or another clock to stop the times)
1 bowl (ideal is 30 × 40 cm with a high edge)
1 measuring cylinder (approx. 250 ml for measuring water)
1 measuring cup (approx. 1 litre for watering)
4 bottles, 250 ml each (as storage bottles for the freshly mixed baths)
1 waterproof pen to mark the bottles (you can also use adhesive labels)
2 clamps for hanging the developed film (e.g. clothes pegs)
1 pair of gloves


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