Tetenal Magic-Box RA-4

Tetenal Magic-Box RA-4

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With the Tetenal Magic-Box RA-4, color images can be developed quickly and safely at home on photographic paper, based on the RA-4 process. The box contains all the concentrates necessary for mixing the developing baths. The ideal kit for approx. 23 sheets in 18×24 cm (approx. 1 m2).

Additionally you need:

  • RA-4 Colour paper
  • Room, absolutely dark to insert the paper into the processing drum
  • 1 processing drum, e.g. JOBO 1510 / 1520, Paterson, A&P 
  • 1 lab thermometer 
  • 1 timer or smart phone 
  • 1 measuring cylinder (glass or plastic), approx. 500 ml for measuring of water 
  • 4 bottles, 500 ml each – as storage bottles for the freshly mixed chemicals
    Water-resistant pen for writing on bottles or on sticky labels
  • Colour processor or tempering unit, e.g. JOBO
  • Soft squeegee, rubber or silicone
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