Variobrom WA 1L

Variobrom WA 1L

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A top class Warmtone Developer for all black and white fibre based and RC coated papers. Produces neutral to warmblack image tones with silver bromide papers and warmblack tones with silver chloride papers. Optimally suitable for both dish/tray and machine processing. Variobrom WA gives deep blacks with very low stain at the same time. It is high-yielding and extremely stable. Dish processing: Dilution 1 + 9. Development time at 20°C: RC coated papers 60 – 90 s, fibre based papers 90 – 120 s. Machine processing: Dilution 1 + 7. Development time at 30°C: RC coated papers 30 s, fibre based papers 45 s. Repl. rate 350 ml/m². A stop bath is required between development and fixing, e.g. Tetenal Indicet Art.No. 101045. 1 l conc. up to 50 m2

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